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Health and safety issues must be considered when installing a crawl space. As air warms in a home, it rises and leaves through the upper regions of the house, much in the same way that air moves through a chimney. This phenomenon, called the "stack effect," causes the home to suck air up from the Crawl Space into the main area of the home. Mould spores, decomposition odours, and fecal material from dust mites in the Crawl Space can come up with the air, aggravating breathing problems (such as asthma) and creating a variety of health-related problems.[4]

It is usually desirable to finish a Crawl Space with a plastic vapour barrier that will not support mould growth or allow humidity from the earth into the Crawl Space. This helps insulate the Crawl Space and discourages the habitation of insects and vermin by breaking the ecological chain in which insects feed off the mould and vermin feed on the insects, as well as creating a physical inorganic barrier that deters entrance into the space.

Crawl space is traditionally the most misunderstood part of your home. It encompasses many crucial building components of the foundation. A compromised crawl space endangers the structural integrity of the foundation system.

Damage occurs when the environment is moist, exposing joists, sill plate, support beams, subfloor, piers, block foundation walls, etcetera, to undesirable temperatures and water vapor levels.

Vapour barriers can end at the wall or be run up the wall and fastened to provide even more protection against moisture infiltration.


Crawl Space sealing and insulation:

Crawl space sealing systems were designed specifically by industry professionals to close the crawl space to vented outside air. These systems are the most technologically advanced alternative at eradicating the causal relationship of moisture in the crawl space to odors, mold, wetness, and dry rot.

Because the crawl space sealing system isolates the home from the soil of the crawl space, it dramatically reduces air humidity levels. The outcomes are unprecedented and offer a mold-free, radon-free, and insect-free environment, resulting in a more energy-efficient and healthier home.

Crawl Space Insulation Pointers - The climate you live in will determine the type of crawl space insulation options that are open to you. Your geographic location will also determine the recommended minimum insulation R-value that should be applied. The general direction your house faces. The drainage around your home.

Crawl Space Drainage:

Excessive moisture can often be controlled with the installation of a full interior perimeter drainage system. Installing a drainage system is accepted as a standard repair option to many crawl space issues.

Usually a perforated, corrugated flex drain tile packed in aggregate is installed along the perimeter of the interior walls. The drain tile channels groundwater to a deep-set sump basin with an attached sump pump. Aggregate is packed in the basin and perforated for effective drainage. Next, the sump pump draws water through a discharge line connected underground to an in-ground water receptacle.

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Water Lines: Rust and other minerals can build up inside your water line, affecting your water volume. If you have good pressure but bad volume, you will notice it when somebody flushes a toilet or shower.

Identifying The Water Line Problem

Slow sink or tub drains.
Water backing up in the bathtub, shower, or sink.
Wet areas in walls or along floors in rooms adjacent to walls containing drain pipes.
Wet areas in the lawn near drain piping.
Unusual gurgling or bubbling sounds when water is draining.

Rust is a main water line problem. If you were to cut open your water line.. Read More

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